We look for technologies that help us automate our processes in key aspects of the company.

  • Technological tools to improve customer service.

  • New last mile distribution systems.

  • Traceability of the final product to the customer.

  • End consumer knowledge based on big data.

  • Technology to predict raw material costs.


We look for initiatives and new business opportunities based on the strengths that distinguish us as an organization.

  • New opportunities based on Sigma's capabilities: production, distribution network, logistics, marketing, among others snacks of any origin.

  • Attraction of startups and disruptive scale ups that can generate new business models for Sigma.


We are looking for food and new ingredients that strengthen our product portfolio and prepare Sigma for the challenges of food in the coming years.

  • Protein snacks of any origin.

  • Alternative proteins: Plant based.

  • Wellness products. 

  • New technologies to reduce sugar, salt and customized products.


Here is the innovation.


Here is the innovation.