Sigma is a global company dedicated to offering the favorite foods of the communities. With a presence in 18 countries, Sigma offers quality products in various categories and prices. 

Sigma has a broad portfolio of value-added brands, which are highly recognized and considered leaders in various categories and market segments, highlighting: Fud, San Rafael, La Villita, Tangamanga, Chimex, Fiorucci, Navidul, Campofrío, Bar- S, Breaedt among others.

Some numbers about Sigma

+642,000 Points of sale

+ 6,800 Vehicles

208 Distribution Centers

69 Manufacturing Plants

45,000 Employees

Sigma as a company, is distinguished by its focus on innovation and the development of new products in each of its markets, to meet the growing demand of consumers. We invest in consumer analysis to know your preferences and improve your product offer. 

We have a long and successful mergers and acquisitions trajectory that has allowed us to successfully execute and integrate 29 high-value F&A operations since 1997. Our extensive experience in post-merger integration has been key to identifying and executing strategies that generate significant synergies. 

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